Khenpo Jigme personally invites you to begin the 2020 New Year by joining us for a 4 Day Mahakala Puja and Tsok  (January 5/6/7/8)         

(8:45-10:30) Lineage Prayer and Group Meditation

(2pm-5pm) Mahakala Puja
This intensive practice removes obstacles and clears the way for embodying positive aspirations for the New Year. This is a Free Event but please do register online so we know how many to plan for:

You may attend any or all of the Program.
Lodging with meals is available first come, first serve at our usual rates. Meals are not included with the program unless you are staying with us.

If you can not be here in person you are most welcome to send your name and/or the name of loved ones, along with a donation to anchor your intention for removal of obstacles, pacifying afflictions and establishing the New Years aspirations reinforced by our practice group. 
Website Donation Page  or for Checks: Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, PO Box 1083, Crestone, CO 81131 
Hope you can make it in person!

White Tara Sadhana   March 27/28/29, 2020
Chod  Sadhana             April 24/25/26, 2020
There is currently No Plan for a formal Losar Program                                                                     

Chenrezig and Medicine Buddha Immersion

Saturday November 16th through Tuesday November 19th

Khenpo Jigme invites you to a 4 day practice and teaching immersion.
We will spend 2 days on the practice of Chenrezig to generate Boundless Compassion
and 2 days on Medicine Buddha Sadhana to cultivate healing energy for oneself and others.


With so many people contacting VVRC requesting prayers for personal challanges,
family and loved ones, this is an especially good time for the power of group practice.

Vajra Vidya is currently accepting Registration for this program.
The suggested donation is $150.00 and does not include lodging or meals.
Rooms at the Center are currently available.

The Program will begin with morning meditation at 8:45 am on Saturday and end each day at 5 pm. 
The very auspicious last day of this retreat, Tuesday, is Lhabab Duchen celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha’s descent from Heaven and considered to magnify merit and prayers a million times over. Lhabab Düchen is one of the four yearly Buddhist festivals commemorating major events in the life of the Buddha, according to Tibetan traditions. 



Khenpo Jigme has requested our extended Buddhadharma Family to please deeply contemplate and share in the depth of the following Prayer written for Thrangu Rinpoche by
the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje


8/23/19: Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche completed a one month visit at Vajra Vidya on August 14th. His health is doing well and benefited from soaks in the local hot springs and  energetic treatments.

He was “Very happy” with his stay, which included overseeing construction progress on the South Wing, meetings with several small groups and interviews with 130 individuals-all while he was resting!

Special Announcement: Thrangu Rinpoche has requested Khenpo Jigme to assume duties as the Spiritual Director and President of the Board for Namo Buddha Seminars and Vajra Vidya Retreat Center. Khenpo Lobzang has completed his term of three years of diligent service and will continue support of the Centers activities. Previous Board Members were honored by Rinpoche for their many years of dedicated service.   

Program Requests: To assist with planning, Khenpo Jigme asks the greater Sangha to submit requests for teachings and curriculum for programs. He enthusiastically desires to hear from you regarding your needs, interests and what you believe would be most supportive to your practice. This can include covering specific texts, Dharma basics, intermediate and advanced subjects, review and deepening of Sadhanas, etc. Please send your ideas.

Fundraising: Sponsor Rinpoche’s Elevator. Plans have been finalized for the South Wing entrance area to include an elevator (see below) which will greatly assist Rinpoche, those with special needs and our aging Sangha members for future retreats. The cost of the elevator is $57,000.00. Including this improvement has put us over budget. Donations in any amount will be most gratefully received. 

Cook Needed: We have a current Full Time Cook position available starting in October at VVRC. This is a paid position with room and board included. Volunteers with cooking experience willing to make a 1-3 month commitment who would like to experience Retreat Center life are also most welcome to apply. Please refer any interested parties to Himani. 

New Construction of South Wing with second floor ready to go up:   
Space for the Elevator to be installed:


Rinpoche and friends at the Karmapa Stupa.


House blessing with Rinpoche at the Khenpos new residence with sponsors Christina Columbo, Miles Gallegar and family.

Thrangu Rinpoche will visit Crestone

We are pleased to announce that Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche is planning to visit Crestone this summer. The dates are about July 20th to August 12th. We request your kind patience and understanding as his visit is slightly different this year than in the past.
The purpose of his visit is twofold:
1. To rest and build vitality.
2. To review progress on the construction of the South Wing. He is NOT PLANNING ANY TEACHINGS this summer.
We are seeking to maintain a peaceful environment allowing for Rinpoche’s
rest. Please do not come to the Center unannounced. Any visits to the Center must be cleared through the Office prior to  an approved appointment.  
Of course Rinpoche is aware of how deeply his students desire to see him. Once here, Rinpoche will let us know if he plans to conduct any interviews. If this occurs, we will then communicate to Sangha members immediately. At that time it will be appropriate to contact the Office to set up an interview. Please Note: No rooms are available at Vajra Vidya at any time during Rinpoche’s stay.
Thank You !


Dear Sangha friends,

Many of you have inquired about upcoming teaching and practice opportunities at VVRC. Please see below. 

NGONDRO: Khenpo Lobzang invites you to expand and deepen your Buddha Dharma practice through the Kagyu Mahamudra Preliminaries. This upcoming Saturday evening weekly series will cover the path step by step and is suitable for newcomers, long term practitioners and those who have previously completed Ngondro. There is no charge for this series. 
Khenpo Lobzang recognizes that “out-of towners” may only be able to attend these sessions as schedules permits. Although the benefit of regular attendance is recommended, you are most welcome to attend as able. You may elect an overnight stay at the Retreat Center or a weekend mini-retreat to support this intimate teaching opportunity.

Saturdays 7 pm–Ongoing until further notice–check with Office for current scheduling.

VVRC 2 Logo 2

May the Supreme Jewel of Bodhichitta arise where it has not arisen….and where it has arisen…..may it not diminish but increase further and further !








Konchog Chidu, Vivid Awareness
and Losar 2019

To the extended sangha and all those who have been so kind to establish and blossom Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, Khenpo Lobzang warmly invites you to a special retreat !

Please join us for our 3rd Annual Konchog Chidu and Losar Celebration:

Friday, February 1st-Tuesday, February 5th.

In this five day program Khenpo Lobzang will again combine the Pointing Out, Teaching and Practice of the Vivid Awareness Pith Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar with the “Essence of All the Buddhas: Konchog Chidu Sadhana”. 
On Sunday afternoon, a year end Mahakala Sadhana and Tsok will be offered. On Tuesday morning at 9 am a Losar Celebration followed by tea and snacks will take place in the Vajra Vidya Shrine Room.

Program begins 9 am on Friday, February 1st.
For more info. please see Special Events page at:
and also the Events Registration Form page:
Cost for the entire program: $175

May the Supreme Jewel Bodhichitta arise where it has not arisen…..And where it has arisen,
May it not diminish but increase further and further…..

Thrangu Rinpoche will conduct a Consecration Ceremony and Three Empowerments this summer in Crestone, Colorado !!

 Thrangu Rinpoche has kindly accepted the invitation of Khenpo Lobzang to conduct Three Empowerment Transmissions at Vajra Vidya Retreat Center plus a Groundbreaking Consecration Ceremony for beginning construction on the final wing of the Retreat Center.
Each of the Empowerments is occuring on an especially auspicious day.
All are welcome to attend these programs. No prerequisites are required. 
If you have received these Empowerments in the past,please join us to renew, refresh and be in the blessing field with our beloved teacher.


On Friday July 27th, following the Medicine Buddha Empowerment, Thrangu Rinpoche will offer the Refuge Ceremony and give Bodhisattva Vows to those who wish to receive them.

On Saturday August 4th, following the Mahakala Empowerment, Thrangu Rinpoche will give the lung (oral transmission) for Ngondro.


Empowerment is unique to the path of Vajrayana. Although conferred by a Master realized in the practice, Empowerment is not something that comes from outside.

We recognize, become aware of, learn to call forth and live within the luminous clarity, openness and sensitivity of the Natural State.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says:

“When an empowerment is conferred on you, it is the nature of your mind—the Buddha Nature—that provides a basis upon which the empowerment can ripen you. Through the empowerment, you are empowered into the essence of the buddhas of the five families. In particular, you are ‘ripened’ within that particular family through which it is your personal predisposition to attain buddhahood.”

**Photo by Marvin Ross

Registration for these events will begin May 1,2018 ONLINE.
To see the Event Costs and register go to the Special Events-Event Registration Form.
Sorry, all our rooms are booked.

All LODGING at VVRC is currently being held for Rinpoche and his support personnel during his stay. Please GOOGLE AirBnB and Crestone Lodging to secure your own housing for these events.

The Empowerment dates are: 

Sunday July 22-Konchog Chidu;   Friday July 27- Medicine Buddha;    Saturday August 4 – Mahakala       

10 AM: Each morning of the the Empowerments at 10 am, Khenpo Lobzang will give an explanatory talk on the history, meaning, intention and benefits of the practice.

3 PM: At 3 pm Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche will give the Oral/Reading Transmission of the Sadhana Practice (“lung or loong”) asssociated with the Empowerment.  This opens the gate to full engagement with the Lineage of the practice. He will then conduct the formal Empowerment.

Sunday August 5:  9 AM: Groundbreaking Consecration Ceremony for completion of the South Wing of the Retreat Center. 

Sunday July 22
Konchog Chidu Empowerment on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday
10 AM-12 PM Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang
3-5 PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche

Friday July 27
Medicine Buddha Empowerment on the Lunar Eclipse
10 AM -12 PM Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang
3-5 PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche (followed by Refuge Ceremony and Bodhisattva Vows) 

Saturday August 4
Mahakala Empowerment
10 AM-12PM  Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang

3-PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche followed by  transmission of the lung for Ngondro

Sunday August 5 at 9 AM
Thrangu Rinpoche will conduct a Consecration Ceremony for the ground, land and building of the final wing of the Retreat Center.

Please join us in celebrating this special occasion to fulfill the next stage of the vision Thrangu Rinpoche has for Vajra Vidya Retreat Center to serve as a beacon of peace in an atmosphere supporting highest enlightenment. Just like the wings of bodhichitta and wisdom are necessary to allow the bird of Dharma to soar, our new “wing” will allow the current facility and Shrine Room to become the Garuda.

“The real yidam is the true nature of the mind, the buddha within. The plenitude of the buddha within can unfold and manifest through the compassionate blessing of what is called “sign yidam.” By understanding the relationship between the outer and inner yidam and by practicing according to the precious instructions, a student can realize the inner nature of the own mind and manifest his or her hidden treasure that is always and already slumbering within. Meditation practice is more than wishful thinking.” Thrangu Rinpoche





5 Day LOSAR 2018 Program:
Konchog Chidu Sadhana                  and 
Khenpo Gangshar Teachings

  February 12-16, 2018 (see description below) and the Event Registration Form on Dropdown Menu:

In response to many requests for review and   illumination, Khenpo Lobzang has kindly agreed to   offer, in addition to Konchog Chidu, .
clarification and teaching on Khenpo Gangshar’s   “Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet” to   enhance  our ablity to rest in the nature of mind,   PLUS lead the Konchog Chidu Sadhana. He has   practiced the  Konchog Chidu every day continuously   for over 30 years.

These practices are an especially potent                     combination  to remain personally centered while         influencing the global mental atmosphere and               elemental forces needing balance at this time.

The teaching on the Exceptional Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar called “Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet” was presented in 1957 to Thrangu Rinpoche, Trungpa Rinpoche and Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche at Thrangu Monastery in Tibet.

“In this modern society when everyone has to work and every individual has their own particular difficulties, the most outstanding and extraordinary oral instructions are those of Mahamudra. In particular for all of us who live in the West, these extraordinary oral instructions have great benefit, are extremely easy to practice, and make it easy to attain the ultimate result.”

— Thrangu Rinpoche
Thrangu Rinpoche has said these were the most important teachings he has received in his lifetime. These essential Mahamudra/Dzogchen pith instructions illuminate the path of naturally releasing suffering, cognitive distortion and emotional affliction through resting in primordial purity and presence: clear, open, loving, spontaneous dynamic presence. Invite yourself home.


Stop all physical activity and sit naturally at ease. Remain silent and let sound be like an echo. Do not think about anything look at experience beyond thought; open minded like space. Let go of control and stop and rest at ease in that state. Awareness without projection is the greatest meditation. Train and develop like this and you will come to the deepest awakening.
Let go of what has passed. Let go of what may come. Let go of what is happening now. Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try to make anything happen. Relax, right now, and rest.—TILOPA























  Konchog Chidu:The Practice of the Essence of All the Buddhas
  Khenpo Lobzang has enthusiastically offered to lead this activity once again. This sadhana has the essence of all the Buddhas, and so removes obstructions to practice and cultivates the four activities of :

  • Pacifying conflict, illness and famine
  • Increasing happiness for all beings, prosperity and gratitude, longevity (removing death) and merit
  • Magnetizing and imbuing the three realms with the body, speech and mind of the Buddhas
  • Subjugating hostile forces

Of course the communal practice directly benefits the local environment while the blessing waves radiate to all communities in the global atmosphere !!

NOTE: The Konchog Chidu is being dedicated to the long life of:  HH Dalai Lama, the Gyalwa Karmapa, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, plus all gurus, sentient beings and practitioners who bring harmony to this world.

Please join us in the spiritually charged temple at VVRC to generate bliss, positive circumstances for enlightenment and invoke the blessings of Guru Rinpoche and the Great Protector Mahakala.

The last session of each day we will do Mahakala Practice for removing obscurations for the coming year.
LOSAR: Friday February 16th
On Losar Venerable Khenpo Lobzang will conduct an early morning ceremony in the VVRC Shrine Room and a mid-morning fire puja at the Karmapa Stupa with a gathering of the greater Crestone community.
See schedule below.

Please know you are welcome to join for any or all of this retreat. And for those who would like to participate but cannot join physically, a donation to the center can be made in your name and your generosity will materially include you in the multitude of blessings from the ceremony.
Cost: $175 for the full five day event

To Register:
Please see the Special Events Page
and Event Registration Form (dropdown) at:


Amitabha Phowa Empowerment and Retreat

Continue your Spiritual Journey with the Buddha of Limitless Light Empowerment and Transference of Consciousness at Death 

November 10-16th, 2017
led by Retreat Master: Khenpo Jigme

Amitabha-Large-canvas-small 3

Khenpo Jigme has chosen the specific date of November 6th to begin this retreat because it is a Great Wheel Day–when all spiritual practice is multiplied many fold.  Also, this time is connected to Buddha Shakyamuni’s decscent to Earth from the Tushita Heavens. Additionally, the full seven days is necsessary to invoke the blessing field and open communication with the Pureland; build inner energy; clear obstructions and rest the mind in the bliss of emptiness infused with compassion.
For schedule, costs and details please see the Special Events Page at
8-Signs_BUMPA.svg 4
Scholarship available for 5 Nights free stay at VVRC
Due to the kindness of an anonymous donor, we will have a drawing for a 5 night all expense paid stay at the Center.
If you are interested in having your name tossed in the Hat, please email Himani by Sept. 29th. The drawing will be at noon on Sept. 30th. The gifted one will be responsible for their own travel to VVRC. Requested dates are per availability.

If you attended the Chakrasamvara Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche and have not yet received the Sadhana, please contact Himani.


Recent Highlights: On August 12th Khenpos Lobzang and Jigme officiated the first wedding ceremony in the Shrine Room. Jake March and Katey Sliker, long term practitioners from Boulder, took their vows in a traditional Marriage Empowerment Ceremony with 40 family members and friends sharing their intent in lives dedicated to love. The Khenpos and staff spent the entire day prepaing the setting and atmosphere. Many rose petals were thrown to increase the auspiciousness of this sacred union.
All were transported to Dakini Land.

unnamed.jpg5 4IMG_6570IMG_6571
TR 2017 Vancouver Web
The Concise Mind Instructions Called Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet
This is the 60th Anniversary of Khenpo Gangshar’s momentous teaching on the pith instructions
for practicing Mahamudra and Dzogchen.


Khenpo Gangshar, a great scholar who became a mahasiddha, had a vision of the impending invasion of Tibet while he was teaching theUttaratantra at Trungpa Rinpoche’s Surmong monastery. He wanted all his students to receive these essential instructions for directly looking at one’s mind.In August, 1957 he gave these instructions to his students which included Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche, and Khenpo Karthar. Afterwards Thrangu Rinpoche invited Khenpo Gangshar to his monastery where Khenpo Gangshar wrote these teachings down.

Thrangu Rinpoche has said, “These instructions are short but carry exceptional blessings and power. Not only are they beneficial, they are also easy to practice. They are concise, yet profound and can truly help us.” He has also said that these teachings were invaluable help to him during the most difficult time of his life and that they most likely saved his life.

To practice these teachings, traditionally, it is important to receive the reading and oral transmission from a person who has practiced these teachings and received them from a lineage.We have a great opportunity to create this karmic connection with these teachings from Thrangu Rinpoche who received the transmission directly from Khenpo Gangshar.
The Sixteenth Gyalwang Karmapa said that the Mahamudra teachings were the most appropriate teachings for practitioners in the West. In the past 40 years Thrangu Rinpoche has been teaching Buddhism and establishing Buddhist centers in dozens of countries. He has published 44 books in English on Buddhism including 12 on Mahamudra practice, 1 on the union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen practice, and Vivid Awareness which is a compilation of Thrangu Rinpoche’s teachings on Khenpo Gangshar.

VVRC Announces: Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche will present two weekend programs in Crestone

July 7-9 and July15-16, 2017: Khenpo Gangshar’s “Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet” 
Friday July 7th ( 2-5 pm ) and Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9t ( 9am-5pm ) $220 Program Fee

Chakrasamvara Empowerment: Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th ( 9am-5pm ) $150 Program Fee





KHENPO GANGSHAR TEACHING: Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche will be teaching on the exceptional Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar called “Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet”. Khenpo Gangshar presented these teachings in 1957 to Thrangu Rinpoche, Trungpa Rinpoche and Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche at Thrangu Monastery in Tibet.

“In this modern society when everyone has to work and every individual has their own particular difficulties, the most outstanding and extraordinary oral instructions are those of Mahamudra. In particular for all of us who live in the West, these extraordinary oral instructions have great benefit, are extremely easy to practice, and make it easy to attain the ultimate result.”
— Thrangu Rinpoche

CHAKRASAMVARA: The purpose of the Chakrasamvara Empowerment is to provide the conditions to link the practitioners’ mind with the state of Enlightenment. Buddha Shakyamuni manifests as Chakrasamvara to remove obstacles, cut through the causes of ignorance and protect practice for the benefit of all beings. The Yidam is the Wheel of Supreme Bliss in Union with Emptiness: Self-Cognizing Wisdom in the Endless Display of Compassion.

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