Completing the South Wing of Vajra Vidya

Expanding our ability to serve the Dharma and offer Teachings, Practice and Retreat


With great joy, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche invites you to join him in completing the South Wing as the final phase of construction of the Retreat Center. Rinpoche is fulfilling the promise he made to his Western students to provide them with an authentic environment in which to practice and receive teachings. The South Wing construction will include:
• Community Meeting Room for Small Group Teachings, Meetings and Practice
• 7 Standard Retreat Rooms
• 3 Deluxe Retreat Rooms with Private Bath
• New Office, Store and Library
• ADA access, entrance and ADA Equipped Private Retreat Room
• Two person Elevator
• Landscaping, Entrance Gate, Walkways and Needed Updating of Current Structure
Vajra Vidya Retreat Center exists solely due to the kindness of others and is supported completely by donations, programs and retreat rentals.
Through Thrangu Rinpoche’s vision and aspiration, plus the support of many generous donors, this jewel of a Dharma
Center has come to be. Your assistance is needed again at this time.
The purpose of completing the Center is to serve a growing community of committed practitioners in developing the causes and conditions which lead to freedom. Listening, contemplating and meditating on the Buddha’s teachings establishes the need for practice. Vajra Vidya Retreat Center provides an immersion environment for deepening direct experience through practice.
Please join us in practicing the paramita of generosity and help to complete the South Wing building so
that Vajra Vidya can thrive as a center for Dharma practice for generations to come. 

Downstairs plan for the South Wing:


Upstairs plan for the South Wing:

Recent Consecration and Groundbreaking Ceremony

On August 4th, 2018 in a rich ceremony honoring the ancient history of the land and the amazing service of the Manitou foundation and Hanne Strong, Thrangu Rinpoche formally initiated the groundbreaking for the new wing.

Some Words from Thrangu Rinpoche

July 20, 2018
I would like to share my thoughts and
prayers for completion of the South Wing
at Vajra Vidya.
I have expressed often the importance of
having a place for students to practice
that represents the profound teachings of
the Dharma. It is important that the South
Wing be completed as this type of
Vajrayana Temple is very beneficial for
meditation, contemplation and prayer.
I am hoping my students can come together
about completing the final South Wing. I
am extremely grateful for the hard work
that everyone has been doing. I also look
forward to working with everyone to
continue our journey in the Dharma.
I encourage everyone to keep up and
develop your meditation practices which
help so much to stabilize the mind and
develop compassion in these difficult
times. It is very important to have a
Retreat Center where students can take
time from their busy lives to deepen
practice in a quiet environment.
With blessings in the Dharma,

Thrangu Rinpoche


The methods of generosity
are giving with excellent motivation
and excellent action,
giving for enlightenment
and sentient beings’ benefit,
motivated by compassion.
~ Lord of Dharma, Gampopa



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