Vajra Vidya Retreat Center was built from the kind donations of others like yourself.

The Center is currently sustained by donations, memberships, retreat room rentals and Dharma Programs conducted by our Teachers, plus occasional rental of the facility to other like minded groups.

In the Buddhist tradition giving or generosity is considered a skillful means of individual good fortune to support the activities of enlightened body,speech and mind.

From the Kind, Compassionate and Courageous Khenpo Jigme:

From the depths of my heart, I offer my grateful thanks to any and all donors and patrons who have the surpassing intention to set everyone, both themselves and others, on the path that leads to enduring benefit and well being and who with that intention contribute to sustaining this unique place of retreat, wisdom cultivation and service,”


Donations may be made here online, by mail or by phone with a credit card. 

If you intend to make a recurring donation, please see the Membership Page.  Thank you !