Thrangu Rinpoche will conduct a Consecration Ceremony and Three Empowerments this summer in Crestone, Colorado !!


Thrangu Rinpoche has kindly accepted the invitation of Khenpo Lobzang to conduct Three Empowerment Transmissions at Vajra Vidya Retreat Center plus a Groundbreaking Consecration Ceremony for beginning construction on the final wing of the Retreat Center.
Each of the Empowerments is occuring on an especially auspicious day.
All are welcome to attend these programs. No prerequisites are required. 
If you have received these Empowerments in the past,please join us to renew, refresh and be in the blessing field with our beloved teacher.


On Friday July 27th, following the Medicine Buddha Empowerment, Thrangu Rinpoche will offer the Refuge Ceremony and give Bodhisattva Vows to those who wish to receive them.

On Saturday August 4th, following the Mahakala Empowerment, Thrangu Rinpoche will give the lung (oral transmission) for Ngondro.





Empowerment is unique to the path of Vajrayana. Although conferred by a Master realized in the practice, Empowerment is not something that comes from outside.

We recognize, become aware of, learn to call forth and live within the luminous clarity, openness and sensitivity of the Natural State.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says:

“When an empowerment is conferred on you, it is the nature of your mind—the Buddha Nature—that provides a basis upon which the empowerment can ripen you. Through the empowerment, you are empowered into the essence of the buddhas of the five families. In particular, you are ‘ripened’ within that particular family through which it is your personal predisposition to attain buddhahood.”

**Photo by Marvin Ross

Registration for these events will begin May 1,2018 ONLINE.
To see the Event Costs and register go to the Special Events-Event Registration Form.
Sorry, all our rooms are booked.

All LODGING at VVRC is currently being held for Rinpoche and his support personnel during his stay. Please GOOGLE AirBnB and Crestone Lodging to secure your own housing for these events.

The Empowerment dates are: 

Sunday July 22-Konchog Chidu;   Friday July 27- Medicine Buddha;    Saturday August 4 – Mahakala       

10 AM: Each morning of the the Empowerments at 10 am, Khenpo Lobzang will give an explanatory talk on the history, meaning, intention and benefits of the practice.

 3 PM: At 3 pm Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche will give the Oral/Reading Transmission of the Sadhana Practice (“lung or loong”) asssociated with the Empowerment.  This opens the gate to full engagement with the Lineage of the practice. He will then conduct the formal Empowerment.     

Sunday August 5:  9 AM: Groundbreaking Consecration Ceremony for completion of the South Wing of the Retreat Center.                                                    

Sunday July 22
Konchog Chidu Empowerment on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday
10 AM-12 PM Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang 
3-5 PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche

Friday July 27
Medicine Buddha Empowerment on the Lunar Eclipse
10 AM -12 PM Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang 
3-5 PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche (followed by Refuge Ceremony and Bodhisattva Vows) 

Saturday August 4
Mahakala Empowerment
10 AM-12PM  Introductory Teaching by Khenpo Lobzang

3-PM Empowerment with Thrangu Rinpoche followed by  transmission of the lung for Ngondro

Sunday August 5 at 9 AM
Thrangu Rinpoche will conduct a Consecration Ceremony for the ground, land and building of the final wing of the Retreat Center.

Please join us in celebrating this special occasion to fulfill the next stage of the vision Thrangu Rinpoche has for Vajra Vidya Retreat Center to serve as a beacon of peace in an atmosphere supporting highest enlightenment. Just like the wings of bodhichitta and wisdom are necessary to allow the bird of Dharma to soar, our new “wing” will allow the current facility and Shrine Room to become the Garuda.

“The real yidam is the true nature of the mind, the buddha within. The plenitude of the buddha within can unfold and manifest through the compassionate blessing of what is called “sign yidam.” By understanding the relationship between the outer and inner yidam and by practicing according to the precious instructions, a student can realize the inner nature of the own mind and manifest his or her hidden treasure that is always and already slumbering within. Meditation practice is more than wishful thinking.” Thrangu Rinpoche


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