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You Are Invited: 
Amitabha Phowa Empowerment and Retreat

Continue your spiritual journey with the Buddha of Limitless Light Empowerment
and Transference of Consciousness at Death 

November 10-16th, 2017
led by Retreat Master: Khenpo Jigme

COST: $225         TIME: Begins 10:30 Friday Nov. 10th/Ends Noon Nov. 16th 

The Sadhana text we are using will be available for purchase at the time of the program.


Amitabha Phowa is an instruction designed to purify karma during the Bardo of Living; create the auspicious conditions for enlightenment this very life; give training in mastering the “wind energy” of the subltle body; familiarize you with the signs of death and build confidence during the experience of dying and teach the method of moving consciousness out of the body at the moment of death. This is a devotional meditative practice grounded in understanding impermanence, the preciousness of the human form and opening the heart of Bodhichitta.

 Khenpo Jigme has chosen the specific date November 10th to begin this retreat because it is a Great Wheel Day–when all spiritual practice is multiplied many fold.  Also this time is connected to Buddha Shakyamuni’s decscent to Earth from the Tushita Heavens. Additionally, the full seven days is necsessary to invoke the blessing field and open communication with the Pureland; build inner energy; clear obstructions and rest the mind in the bliss of emptiness infused with compassion.