Dear Sangha friends,

Many of you have inquired about upcoming teaching and practice opportunities at VVRC. Below are three programs connected to in-depth presentations of refined practical subjects this spring.

Khenpo Lobzang invites you to expand and deepen your practice through the Kagyu Mahamudra Preliminaries. This upcoming Saturday evening weekly series will cover the path step by step and is suitable for newcomers, long term practitioners and those who have previously completed Ngondro. There is no charge for this series. 
Khenpo Lobzang recognizes that “out-of towners” may only be able to attend these sessions as schedules permits. Although the benefit of regular attendance is recommended, you are most welcome to attend as able. You may elect an overnight stay at the Retreat Center or a weekend mini-retreat to support this intimate teaching opportunity.

Saturdays 7 pm–beginning March 23rd.

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May the Supreme Jewel of Bodhichitta arise where it has not arisen….and where it has arisen…..may it not diminish but increase further and further !